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About us

Welcome to Dragon-Spec! Here at Dragon-Spec we set out to bring awareness to our favorite automotive pastime: driving winding, mountainous roads in properly set up cars with our friends. One road in particular outshines the rest: The Tail of the Dragon. The Dragon is a mountain pass along the North Carolina–Tennessee state line, bordering the Great Smoky Mountains National Park near the Fontana Dam. With 318 curves in just 11 miles, the Dragon is the ultimate level playing field to enjoy your car. On the Dragon, horsepower means very little. Proper suspension, good brakes and sticky tires make all the difference. If you build your car to handle the dragon, you will have a car that is a blast to drive anywhere. No matter if you are in a 100HP Miata, 200HP Civic or 500HP Porsche, you are bound to have the time of your life on this stupendously technical and wildly gorgeous road through the Great Smoky Mountains. Safety is our number one priority, always show this mighty road the respect that it deserves.